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Koa is an acacia tree endemic to Hawai'i, meaning it is only found in the Hawaiian islands. The word koa in Hawaiian means brave, warrior, & bold. The reason the Hawaiians gave the tree this name is because the tree stood tall and strong like their warriors.


Lama is endemic to Hawai'i, meaning it is only found in the Hawaiian islands. The word Lama means enlightenment. This wood was used by the Hawaiians to decorate hula alters, build fences to guard sacred spaces, and buildings to house their sick.


Although it likely already existed here, Milo was also brought to Hawaii by the ancient Polynesians in their canoes. The attractively grained wood takes a high polish and was used to make food bowls and plates because it would not flavor the food like some other types of wood.


Mango wood is native to India but is commonly found throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Mango trees were introduced to Hawai'i earlier than 1825. 

Mango trees are most commonly used for their fruit, but its wood is prized as well and used to make furniture, bowls, trays, flooring and more.


Olive wood is most traditionally recognized as a symbol of peace across many cultures. There are multiple kinds of olive tree's that grow in Hawaii but the two main kinds are olopu, which is a native Hawaiian tree, and the European olive tree which is considered highly invasive.


The coffee wood we use comes from our very own farm in our backyard. Hawaii is the only state that grows Coffee in the United States. The most common coffee tree is Typica also known as Kona Typica. 


Kiawe trees are considered weeds in the Hawaiian Islands. They infamously known for their long thorns that can pierce through majority of footwear. This tree is native to South America, but it's first sighting in Hawaii was back in 1978.


In the Hawaiian culture there is a legend of this tree. The story goes that the goddess Pele fell in love with a warrior named 'Ohi'a, but he already loved another named Lehua. Pele was so upset that she turned 'Ohi'a into a tree. The gods took pity on the heartbroken Lehua & turned her into the flowers on the tree so the two could be reunited. It is said that if you pick the flower from the tree it will rain tears from the Heavens because Lehua is separated from her lover again. Recently 'Ohi'a trees have been suffering from a disease called R.O.D (rapid 'Ohi'a death).


Toon, also known as Australian red cedar, is native to the Himalayas, Northern Australia, and Malaysia. Toon trees were introduced to Hawaii in 1914. It is often used in wood working to create furniture, cabinets, and paneling. 


Norfolk Island pine is commonly grouped in with Cook pine because they are almost impossible  to differentiate. The wood tends to have knots in it making it idealistic for wood turners who want to show case texture in their work. 


Avocado trees are classified as both softwoods and hardwoods. They are most commonly used for their fruit. There are 200 different kinds of avocado trees with in the Hawaiian Islands. 

Monkeypod is a hardwood derived from a tree with a 2-4 ft. diameter and a trunk of up to 70 ft. It originates in Costa Rica & the South Pacific. It is an excellent choice for furniture and turned articles. Dark chocolate browns and golden colors swirl together with black striping to form a beautiful hue. The wood is moderately hard, lightweight and fairly strong.

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